We'll Work Out

I know you love me by the look in your eyes

It took me only a couple times to realize

I see truth, honesty, and a caring man

Someone who will always understand

You put down my knife and dried my tears

I can see me with you, even in 100 years

I know words don't mean much, but feelings are true

Tonight, I have a feeling that you love me too.

Promises we have for the future. You and I

To stay together forever, until we both die

Pain I went through erased with a kiss

I still sit here thinking and its you I miss.

I didn't want to let go because I'd have to wait

To feel the soft kisses and your sweet embrace

I never wanted this life, but I have it now

I know we'll work out, someway, somehow.

[[i love you, Jason. More than anything]]

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