You Will Be Mine ~ Faith Hill

Most Wanted Songs

You used to tell me you loved me

You used to show me you cared

I used to be the one that you adored

But lately I don't feel you love me anymore

See I don't understand

What's come over you

And I don't understand why I let you

Treat me so cruel, so tell me


How many times must I break down and cry

I'm confused my understanding

Was true love should never die

How many times

Will you kill me inside

Any kind of fool should see the light

So why can't I

Time after time, I have tried

To give you some space, some time

But no matter what I do, it is never enough

You just refuse to try to do by me right

Though I know I should leave

There's something holding me

I can't seem to find the strength

To set myself free


I gave my heart and soul

I gave my all you know

I deserve better baby, oh so much better baby

You know it's just not fair

For you to act like you just don't care

For you to act like I've done something wrong

Boy how could you dare


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