A Star Behind

2008 Comp.


The light in the night

Is the moon and the stars

With my broad chained hand

Hear a  tricky ghost behind

Dazzling ample stars

Gleaming more than side by side

Count the stars with sparkling light

Find a place within your heart

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9inety's picture

I really enjoyed this poem.

I feel the poem attempts (cleverly, I might add) at alluding to the discovery of insight.

Insights that lead to finding hope and letting go of the past.

Perhaps, a little bit remorsefulness that pauses to reflect on the loss of innocence.
In addition, there is the glimmer of joy from gaining experience in the wisdom of finding serenity in your own heart.

I like your writing this is very well done.
It was inspiring.


"One of the best results of life, is the torment of love"

Dylan Eliot

MsBlue's picture

Well said Elliot! :)
Great and true interpretation!
Thanks a lot!