Poetry Letter to God


"My child,

I haven't seen you for a long time.....

not even hear your voice.....

We haven't talk about you yet.

You never come to visit me…

I’m just watching over you…

Aren’t you done yet in doing your own ways?

Don’t be so stubborn my child,

Come...... Talk to me.....

and I will listen to you!"

My Dad,

In my solitude and abhorrence,

I comprised You.

I did the erroneous things against You.

I know how upset You were.....

Considering all my affronted ways.

It’s all against Your will!

I walk  in a wrong way and trap away against You.

Believe myself and embrace my will too.

Rely upon someone’s thoughts that I wouldn’t know for real.

It only ruin those fine and dreadful life of mine,

How I yearn to voice out all blissfulness

in my selfishness desire,

With unrestrained and distressed give

in attitude of mine.

Through my thoughts,

it was truly pain,

Holding my selfish goals with my egotistical ways.

Through hideous nastiness heart with all wrongdoings,

Done with distrust and inquisitive renounce.

Even it’s hard to feel my self seeking gladness,

There’s no basis and profound effort done,

From someone I desire for above all my chance.

What for my part would be possibly in return?

For myself, perchance truly I don’t care!

But there You were simply tolerating me.....

To see my difficult life and my wrongdoing style.

You recognized me from the bottom of Your heart.

You are familiar with all my ways.

And there Your arms embracing me,

Waiting to give up all the

ghastly things within me.

Here I am, worn out from groaning.....

My eyes grow weak with mourning.....

Please lay Your hand upon me,

I wanna cry it out on You!

Coz You're the one I can only rely on,

You promise, that You will never leave me,

nor forsaken me!

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Bryan Adam Tomimbang's picture

Amazing dual conversation... whether in the mind or in prayer, the Lord listens. Wonderful poetic piece! Yes!