Loneliness Poems

I remember you in my dream,

And I groan  so loud.

You chew my bravery with grumble faint,

And  keep my eyes from falling.

I was too trouble to speak,

About the mockery thoughts you divulge.

So hurt.... so frustrating,

That was the era of my past abhorrence.

I recall  every  song I sing,

And wonder about my heart’s desires.

I frenziedly ask.....  

"How long it will be last?"

I thought of my perceptible dreams,

"Would it be completely  reliable?

With sweetest word  mentioned repeatedly?

Are they real with principle?"

To this I will sob,

The years of deceptions.

Yes, I recall all the fallacious ways,

And recalling the bogus vow.

I ponder about the expression of scene,

The  inaudible word,

The  toadying fantasy,

The  imaginary  dreams,

And the unfaltering vagueness love

But warped with resentment  

And deceitfulness.

Am I the fruit?

.... Of the undying

passion dreams!

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