My Unrevealed Love!


When I'm all alone, he comes to see me.
I love the way he holds me in his arms, his heartbeat matches mine
he's my good luck charm.

When he holds me, he holds me close.
His love is so deep it's like I'm overdosed.

I love the way he speaks silently in my ear,
even though we maybe miles apart
i can still feel his sprit near.

His kisses are so sweet and tender.
When he's ready to make love, my body gets weak
and i surrender.

Love, that four letter word that we all long to hear.
It can be so dearing, but at the same time make you shed a tear.

Maybe we're meant to be, or maybe we're just caught up in lust.
Only time will tell, i hope my heart won't be crushed. <3

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