4th of July

The opalescent moon that reflected from your face
and the crashing of the waves in there midsummer grace
the explosions that glistened and ashes that fell
and the comfort of knowing my toughts i dident have to tell
the world around us like a cocoon to our souls
holding no thoughts of the impending nights goals
healing the broken and inermost scars
the cool night that chilled through the beauty of the stars
the wind that was swirling and ment to peirce the skin
but could not penitrate the blanket we burried ourselves within
it the shortest of moments and simple at best
but in that simplicity it was held higer than some of the best

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I just kinda remebered my 4th of july and for some reson one of the moments ment a lot to me and therefor is now in poem formation

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