Healing heartbreak

It doesn't matter to me anymore

I just cant explain

you've hurt me before

but it no longer causes pain

I'm immune to the torture of this game

playing with my heart

I know that deep down you feel the same

you dont really want to be apart

I'll be here for you

even when you fall away

I'd never ever be untrue

next to your side I wish to stay

pull me down with you

I know I can be strong

together we can pull you through

you'll soon realize I've been here all along

Author's Notes/Comments: 

written about Grant Stateman... before being hurt and torn apart....

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Nediot's picture

The hurt to the heart can never heal, i always say "the scar will stay".. you can never get immune to its hurt, u can never get used to its pain, it does hurt you with every breath you take, a broken heart has no spare parts, so, it'll never heal. the pain will decrease with days, it will lessen, but it'll never disappear,, its just that our mind refuses to believe that we've been hurt with those we are willing to die for, it refuses to believe that we are still willing to give it all for them while they probably dont even feel what they have caused. and you'll always be there for them, no, not to make them feel shitty about their self for hurting us , no,, its just that to show them that you truly love them no matter what.. it is hard and this is what true love is all about... its to give as much as u can, and never care of the amount you get....
i can classify this write as a great one. good job :)


a Damaged crazy soul

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Jamie Jo I can relate to this one well! It's a brilliant piece which is true and close to the heart! I hope things get better xxx