Wish you were mine

I asked you to dance and you agreed

I couldn’t believe it, you were courteous to me

As we danced around the floor, in each other’s arms

I looked into your gorgeous eyes, as you worked your charm

You showed me compassion, and general care

You talked to me and taught me not to be so scared

As I looked into your eyes, I saw a long lost friend

and the beginning of a new friendship that would never end

When I was in your arms, something went kaboom

there wasn’t any music, and we were alone in the room

We talked about the future and our after highschool plans

how you’re going to be the president, giving the commands

Your cologne smelled so good I didn’t want to pull away

in your arms forever is where I wish I could stay

when the song was over, you thanked me for the dance

I was thankful too, but wanted more romance

That dance with you was a one time thing

although I wish it was more than just a fling

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is dedicated to William(Fred) Hadra

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Chelsey Keel's picture

Awwww.....Great, sweet story!!!!!