A magical night in the pure beams of amethyst

And a halo of satin light

The wandering constellations create a chandelier of stars

A cool midnight breeze sweeps away the smooth white mounds

of drifted snow

Leaving the shadows behind

A feather of falling snow

And prisms that sparkle

Under a mottled moon

The dark is worn away by a comma of a moon

Mystery and miracles awakening in the corners of the night

Perhaps   Patience

Deep shadows and silent stars in midnight velvet

The embers crumble in a darkly wooded ravine

Star silver and thistle down

In the midnight magic.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

insanity makes you dream up some twisted things

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Death Wings's picture

0_0 Wow. That's all I can really say. That was the single most greatest thing I have today. Good job! I love all of the descriptions and words you use to really make this peice come together. It made me think a little.....thank you for writing this and taking the time to put it up of PostPoems.