searching deep within my soul

i find an endless bottomless black hole

i sliced my wrist to ease the pain

and i watch the blood oooze from the vein

and as the knife lay in my hands

my life to be taken my heart and soul demands

i sit and wonder in agony

why the world was so cruel to me

the end is near its safe to say

today would be my final day

the last laceration at last was made

this one last move would determine my fate

i lay there now in a pool of my own blood

as my life seeps through the cuts  

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Marjorie Almazan's picture

I don't support the subject's concept of cutting etc. but despite my negative opinion, your poem is vivid and gives me an emotional feeling of sadness, remorse, and hate.

Zip . . . .'s picture

lazerations - that is a sore subject with me. A person should respect their body more than to do such things. I just don't get it. And I don't like peeps encourageing other peeps to do such things.