Love Poems

I tell them

of how much I love you.

How I know

we are meant for each other.

The way out hands

seem to fit perfectly together.

Our bodies seem to mold

into a shappe that was orginally one.

How our lips seal to eachother.

Our embraces cure our sadness.

How everytime I look at you

it feels like that day we first met.

My heart skipping beats;

my mind sutmbling.

Aimlessly my eyes wandering your body.

I fell in love,

but I am glass

stained with your love.

From an old building 

that was already falling apart.

I shatter,

because I had a million cracks

and you are just one more.

My heart still skipping;

One beat too many.

When they ask

how you make me feel,

I hate telling them.

You make me feel invisible,

the way you forget me.

I am pathetic.

Weak knees in your sight.

I am your puppy dog,

who cannot do anything without you.

My collar choking me;

you make it hard to breathe

past the endless nights

sobbing untill the sleeping pills kick in.

You make me want to get high,

so I can pretend like I'm ok.

Because my head will be in the clouds,

rather than imagining you.

You make me want to get black out drunk,

so I can wake up

with a good reason to hate myself.

Because I feel pathetic

feeling this way about you.

So I want to be hungover.

My heading pounding;

Alcohols fault,

or yours?

I won't know.

But I'll sleep it off,

or maybe just sleep forever.

I can stop feeling,

just stop feeling anything.

All I feel is pain.

The heartbreak

of being in love with you.

My mental pain

becoming physical,

as I scatch away

any skin you may have touched.

The sting

of air on an open wound.

Taking in oxygen

that just continues to damage

my already wounded heart.

So I stop.

Holding my breath,


For what, I do not know.



Love back? 

Maybe I am waiting for something

you could never give me.

Maybe I met the wrong you.

KindredSpirit's picture


I really like this.

You always take me back

In time.

I wrote a little something after reading this Today .


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you touched me

reading your poem made me feel the emotions I had hoped never to remember and hats off to you for that your poem is wonderful in its raw power. A love that burns to hot will burn out to quickly leaving your scarred and in pain on the floor. thank you for sharing.

The darkness outside is not so frightening as the one inside. Behind knowing smiles and crocodile tears we hide our fears.


Being angry at someone is to give them power over you, but to forgive is to take away that power.