Meeting a Musician

He sits and stares at me as if he's never seen a woman before,

which isn't true,

He'seen more then a few waltzing in and out of his hotel bedroom's doors.

He laughs nervously and tries to act cool.

But I think it dawns on him I won't be

one of his groupie whores.

He tries to make conversation about God and politics,

But it's all a smoke screen

to see how far I'll let him go

He says he respects my intelligence.

He says my beauty is effortless.

I say it's all a bullshit and I ain't digging into it.

He lays out his flattery  like a three thousand dollar

armani suit,

but his fanciness only repulses me.

He changes tatics to ease past my viligiant defenses,

but I'm fully armed and I shoot him down

He gives up and quickly leaves.

Thank God, I was running out of will power to deflect

his charms.

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

don't know if this is fictional or real piece, sounds like it could go either way. if real, your ending line says it all, and so take your time before you get involved again with anyone. muscian or anyone..

bendergender's picture

I must admit i do like your style. Very honest down to earth truthful writing and very enjoyable indeed. Add to that a good story teller as well. Cheers for the read.