some sunny day there won't be anymore tears or pain

we'll look up into the clear blue sky

and we'll see peace and prosperity raining down upon us all

what a sweet notion

what a beautiful idea

i see you and i swear one day we'll be perfect

this fight is stupid

we never say what we mean

i complain and you deflect

how are we going to stay committed

if we can't communicate

i am afraid we are falling apart

please, tell me i'm wrong

i'd give anything to be who you want

but i am not

i try and i fail

your constant critiscm is driving me mad

i want to be your honey

the one you never want to leave

but i am starting to think that just isn't me

what are we doing

what are we thinking

i don't understand where we are going

but as long as we get there together

i'll be ok, i'll be ok

i want to hold you until you forget

that i am not who you thought i'd be

and someday you'll love me for me

love me,love me,love me and we'll be perfect

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