Don't Let Go

She makes herself pretty

Telling herself he's worthy

But when she closes her eyes

he's not the one she sees

but those are only her dreams

and he's not within her reach

tumble and fall back to earth

where you're fat and undesirable

the only man that's yours

has no other choice

which he makes clear when he

doesn't look at you anymore

he's so cold and you feel more alone

She wishes she could change her mind

rewind and go back in time

she'd take better care

not to let herself go

and maybe she'd be somewhere else by now

but wishes go ungranted

her life going by unfulfilled

cry and scream your way to reality

where he's a jerk and all yours

the only man that stuck around

to catch this train wreck your doctor calls you

lectures you about what you should do

but you do what you do best

you put him to the test

and you fail first or so he says

where did it go, the passion has gone

i am fading fast so jaded from my past

tell me i'm crazy, crazy

tell me i'm wrong, all wrong

i know i'm lazy

but tell me something i don't know

like you love me & could never let me go

never let me go, oh, God  don't let me go

There's not much left of me

if you go I'd be  through...

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