An Ode to Trouble

I found out today that the dumb dog passed away

He was a big black great dane named Trouble

He would hit you with his tail

His breath smelled rotten

He'd look at you with his stupid loving eyes

and you'd think could this dog be any dumber

but he had a heart attack and died

now my heart  is sad and i don't know why

i loved that big stupid  dog

and now he's  gone

He was Trouble and he caused Trouble

He destroyed my parents wedding bible

Chewed it like a piece of jerky

He'd try to sit on your lap like he was the size of  a yorky.

Rest in peace you sweet dumb beast.

I'll miss you sniffing my crotch and slobering on my clothes

but most  of all I'll miss the way you didn't care that I thought

you were the dumbest dog I'd ever met

Trouble I'll never forget you...

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