I smell like Fear and Soap

Another day that looks and feels the same as any other day.

My heart is cold.

My body is hot.

Summer approaches with it's blistering and unforgiving sun.

It's hard to hide when your world is in the spotlight.

Everyone is a judge.

I want to lie in my bed forever.

I want to be buried on it still under the covers.

So young. So bitter.

So sweet. So jaded.

I think too hard.

The race of thoughts in my head has stopped.

But I didn't win.

Every pill I pop is supposed to be a miracle.

But I'm still depressed.

Most days I don't bother with getting dressed.

The pressure to hurry up and get better is leaving me

more neurotic then ever.

Rome wasn't built in a day and neither was my neurosis.

I've been mentally dysfunctional since I was a little girl.

I can't even remember being normal.

Little bits and pieces of moments etched into my brain have

made me who I am today.

I'm a giant ugly unfinished quilt that is unraveling fast.

I'm remembering the stupidest stuff.

My past failures are piling up.

The memories cling to me and I can't wash them off.

I end up smelling like fear and soap.

I'm losing hope that this curse will ever be lifted.

And the voices in my head will eventually win.

Others compare my disorder to theirs like two people

commenting on the weather.

So, I'm not alone.

This should help, but it doesn't.

I still feel isolated and guilty so guilty.

Like a good christian i've built my own cross to carry,

Until it's time to crucify me.

I feel that day is closing in on me.

I'm weak.

I can't handle the pain.

I'm crushed by my burdens.

I'm unable to help those I love because I can't help myself.

I'm standing on emotional quicksand.

It's sucking me in and it won't let go.

Everytime I think I am moving forward I realize

I'm really walking backwards.

I'm so sorry to disappoint you, but that's all i do anymore

is let everyone down.

It hurts to hear their deep sighs as they let their

expectations for me go.

I want to be who I used to be.

But it's been forever since I saw her in the mirror.

I think she's left me too.

All I am is crazy these days.

I take 10 showers a day with all kinds of wonderful

smelling soaps but I still reek of fear.

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very nice poem.......and that goes for the others i read of yours.....just remember life is what u make it........... bless u