Understanding The Complexity of a Simple Mind Part I

Click. Sigh. Bang.

And that is the end

Our grand finale to everything.

Cheers to a world who never knew

And will remain clueless until the end of time.

Is a secret really a secret if you took it to the grave?

Everyone lives in a different reality

Dependent on which lies they unknowingly believe.

What exactly is real?

If for each individual the perception is viewed from a different angle.

Smearing reality.

No one quite knows what's racing through anyone else's thick skull.

If I pulled the trigger with a

Click. Sigh. Bang.

What claims would they make about me?

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THIS is legit.  You are

THIS is legit. 

You are awakening as so are many other people in this world. I hope you keep your head up, because some days you may see this world as hell and others you will realise things are just the same and you couldn't believe in negativity.