Lost voices

Oh voices lost beyond my heart

Calling out to save what not starts

Hear my cry of desperate plea

As I search my head for beloved thee


The lost parting of souls drawn close

Saving me from what could be hope

Destroying my desire of any courage

And emptying my mind of the fleeing carriage


Hear my cry, my plea, my rage

And part not from my sweet pray

Remain the wonder of my upturned life

As the sea turns black of heartless strife


We're we once not together

So Insperable throughout forever

Until one such a dreary day

When our love suddenly faded away


My tears, of love and hate and lust

Cannot be seen as completely just

Nor can they be so heavenly ignored

For the emotions I feel shred like a war


A fool I am. I have acted harsh

But nonetheless u fixed my heart

Broken now beyond repair

As you leave me to my slow despair 


The voice inside me comes from noble thought

Up with the faith and down with distraught

But the real feelings I must consider

Are none better than a forceful laughter


A million years to come and go

And notice me not, for I am lone

A memory I wish ceased to exist

However haunts me but satisfies wits


I can't forget, forgive foretell

The passing times once we were well

If they ever come again 

Or if they will never be the same


So voices lost inside my head

Remember me as the friend u met

The lover who desperately tried his best

And the person that wept when you left



Author's Notes/Comments: 

If someone can explain what I'm talking about, I'd be happy