Too Grateful

I hate this feeling that you give me

i know i have a girl but still i flirt

i want you to want me back

but whatever i do, it doesnt seem to work

your everything i wanted in a girl

you seem to look dead on her too

but when i call your name you look.... you stare

and still continue to do what you do


the pretty ones, the georgous type always have to be so umfaithful

why when you smile at me and say hello

i feel way to gratefull

and why with my girl im so ungratefull

and ill leave my girl if you say so....

you dont like me like that, i have to face it

but i feel like your still in the air ready for me to take it

i have seemed to mistake it

maybe you have a girl ,or maybe ah man

but its breaking my plan to make you understand

i want you to be my heart and soul like the one before

like the girl i had and i made her my world

why when you speak i feel so grateful

but if i was with you, you will be so unfaithful

and if you were with me , i will be so unfaithful

and why i have a girl but seem to be so ungrateful

im saying

im playing

but if you want too.... i aint playing

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Antonette Gabriel's picture

this is very interesting...I dont know what to think or make of it because it makes sense. Im sitting here with my heart at my throat so maybe you fell outta love with me a long long time ago.

Erica Malicaot's picture

Wow, Alicia!! DEEP!