A Broken Window Sill


I sit atop

A broken window sill

And all my troubles seem to stop

As if by will

But I know that’s not true

And I don’t understand it

But somehow I’m not so blue

Though I don’t understand it a bit

All I know is that I sit in peace

Watching the world go by

As all my problems cease

As I stare into the night sky

Know if only I could

Stay like this for a while

I promise you I would

Since I finally get to smile

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Rose Ruiz's picture

I know what you mean I have a place of my own that I can sit around N just fell free N all my problems seem to disappear.

Lauren Ellis's picture

This made me smile, it's funny cause I actually do this. At night, sometimes, I just sit on my windowsill and stare at the sky and suddenly, for a while, everything seems to make sense and at that moment you feel you could stay there forever. Awesome. Thanks for commenting on my poems, you have a fantastic portfolio here, I'll be sure to read more.
Lauren x