How Dare You

About Someone

How dare you

You lying imbecile

You had it all

I loved you

I believed in you

You had a wonderful family

Perfect almost

Then stupid you

Threw it away

All because you wanted

Other girls

Younger girls

Prettier girls

Forget your poor daughters and wife

At home waiting for you

Thinking you’ve been working

Who cares about them?

All you are is lying traitorous scum

Not even fit

To wipe the dirt off of the expensive

Shoes you bought your girlfriend

Only around 5 years older  

Then me your oldest daughter

Forget you...

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Heather Syrus's picture

and you say i use power. through this i see you have been through a lot as well. your good with words we have something in common. thanks for the comment it means a lot to hear someones oppinion who isnt right in it.

jessica's picture

u go girl!!!