How It Went

About Someone

She sits in a chair at home

Looking at old pictures

Of them

Together forever he always said

Tears stream down her face

He sits at his new place

With his girlfriend

5 years older then his baby girl

A call to her barely passes his mind

As he kisses his girlfriend passionately

Bye the phone she waits

Knowing he’s out there

Praying he'll call

Days go bye with no word at all

He sits at the computer

having fun

Not giving a thought to his daughter  

Sitting at home

She finally gives a chance to

Her mothers new man

When she finally does

He came bye the hospital today

Her sister bout drowned

And he fussed at her mama

He didn’t come bye to say hello

Even though he was right in town

She’s finally given up and having fun

He called her today messed up her life yet again

She gives him anther chance

He calls every know and then

finally she gets to see him

He smiles and hugs her

She’s grown so big

Tears fill his eyes

As he gazes at her

She looks at her fathers

Picture its been 3 months

Since he’s called

He came and got her

Every know and then for a while

Though 3 years later

It all stops

She’s finally relishing the truth

He never cared for her from the start

It was all a big hoax

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is about my dad it went like that

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