Seeing Agian

About Someone

I see

what you do

youve ruined my life

like many others

how could you

I thought you cared

but it was a joke

please prove me wronge

I want to beleive

in you

but its so hard

please understand

what youve put me through

hurt to death

ive lied to myself

for you

but no longer my ees are now open

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Stephanie Philbeck's picture

i know how you feel....people are always hurting someone and they tend to not care but sometimes they do care about you and they just don't show it cuz they think you know they care until they find out how you feel....some people really don't care and they are wrong cuz one day something could happen and their gonna wish that they did care or if they did and didn't show then their gonna wish that they they'd would've shown so you woulda known that they cared....