Dear Daddy

About Someone

I watch you

As you trick everyone in site

They all love you

And believe your every word

You’re never the bad guy

Or so it seems

For I know the truth

And you will never trick me again

I used to be your biggest fan

Your baby girl

You little one

Always the believer you thought

Of me

Well guess what daddy

I know

Who you are

What you do

You cant fool me

So don’t even try

Just back away stop pretending

I’ve tried to hate you though I cant

So tell you what

Jus stay the heck away

You’re breaking my heart

Every minute your near me

So back away

before I lose control

And say some things

I won’t regret

Maybe then you’d feel the same

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Stephanie Philbeck's picture

i like this poem and i some wat know how you feel.......hey you should read my fractures in the facade of your porcelain kinda talks about something like this pretending to be something you're not.