Ill Never

About Someone

I will never be like you

In anyway at all

No matter the blood

That runs through my veins

I will never be

That selfish

As too hurt anything living

I would never be as mean

As you have

Just to please yourself

This I swear

To myself

And everything else alive

I will never be like you

And never will

Even if I could...

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Shaketa Copelin's picture

Sounds like this person hurt you before, or hurt someone you know. It's quite evident that you do not want to be any thing like them. It's hard to remove all of your parent's genes out of your veins though...

Stephanie Philbeck's picture

this is a good poem...i feel your pain....i know i'll never be like my mom or anybody...i'm my own person and that's all ima be is my own person..and so should you you shouldn't be like anyone and it's good that you're not.