About Someone

I want to be free

Of this pain haunting me

That never seems to leave

Even to laugh seems so hard

I force a smile on everyday

Not wanting to warn anyone else

Of this pain I carry around

Inside of me

I know I shouldn’t complain

But I can’t help but wish

I felt differently

Can’t trust no one else

They’d never understand

Or use it against me

I refuse to cry

No matter what

Ill never let you know

You hurt me this much

Just turn away

Like you have done

So many times before...

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Loaded and ready To fall apart's picture

this is a tear jerker poem. but pain is hard to sticks to you harder than glue until you find the strength to get rid of it. just hold on....i know how you feel...

i fake a smile just to hide my scars.

aciddust's picture

Thanks for your Critique.

Well your poem is so true that we all live with our pain no matter how much the world makes us smile :) .. you just inspired me to write something on those lines after i read this .... great thought penned down