Dear Dad

About Someone

Dear Dad,

Just wanted to let you know

Through all of this pain

Through all of this time

Through all of the years

I believed in you....

It was all a scam

I can’t believe I fell for your act

As another member of the cast

Went right along with your play

of perfectness

Even went as far as to make you my hero

Believe in you

And love you

I was Daddy’s girl...

Know I’m the one paying

For your act

Lost in a sea of betrayal

Trying to understand how it could be

That everything you did

Everything you said

Was fake

Bout like you

So I’m just writing to let you know

I’m through

Through being miss perfect

Little goody to shoes

daddy’s girl

Princess fantasia

No more

This is my quittance

My retirement

My resignment

Call it what ever you want

Just understand this

No longer will i go along

With the perfect act

You’re nothing more then human

If even that

So stop pretending

Drop the act

The truths out

And your secret life’s in the open

No longer are you perfect

No longer are you in regret

I see you for what you really are








The list goes on and on

Though I won’t go on with your faults

I will tell you this much


Thanks for letting me believe

Letting me know a perfect dad

A perfect person

Even if it was all a lie

All I regret was that you

Still pretend

To be perfect

To have no faults

And most of all

Know that I know them faults

You treat me as a fault

So as this letter was about

This is my good bye.....

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Aristia Prue's picture

i absolutely love this poem!!

Loaded and ready To fall apart's picture

you're dad's a bashard. like the you're not the one pay cuz, he's the one paying for it, cuz he's missing out of he chance of watching you grow and mature, and fulfill your dreams...he's not getting to see that...he won't get to see how you've grown up or anything, so it's him who's paying the price...not you...he's the one who took you away from him. not you take him away from you.

Netta Jack's picture

I choose this poem because I have one with the exact same title. Our sentiments are remarkably simular. I feel you in your "he is only human" conclusion and identify with your pain. Great poem. THanks for sharing and for being real. I appreciate your honesty.

Lauren Ellis's picture

I feel like I could have written this, about a year ago I went through the same thought processes about my dad, i used to hold him in such high esteem, he was my hero, he was my daddy, but after all this I realise how much of a jerk he was at times and how imperfect, how human he really is.
Very, very nicely expressed, great job.
Lauren x