forbidden pt 2


“Hey Renee I think I just saw Matt go upstairs with Brittney” a girl yelled over the house party’s roaring music. Renee pushed her way through the crowd of college frats boys and sorority girls. Renee proceeded to the stairs passing a guy licking a girl’s neck and two guys making out on the top on the stairs. Renee walked down a hallway looking at the bottles of beer displayed on the floor. “Ah, ah, oh don’t stop Matt!” Renee heard from outside a bedroom door. As she opened the door she saw her boyfriend screwing her best friend, Brittney. “Nice” Renee said while looking at Brittney scrambled for her clothes and Matt sat motionless. “You must of seen this coming. We’ve been distant for awhile and it’s not helping either one of us” Matt said without making eye contact. Brittney started to walk out of the room wearing her clothes half on; Matt grabbed her arm and kissed her passionately while staring at Renee. Renee’s eyes started to well up like an overfilled cup on water. “Two years I gave you everything, two years I should by your side and cared for you” Renee said as she turned around towards the door. Matt looked at Renee in disgust “everything! I one thing I wanted to share with you, you refused me over and over again. I won’t wait forever.” Matt walked towards Renee and brushed a tear from her cheek. Renee smacked him and looked at Brittney. “Brittney I always thought of you like a sister of mine but now I can’t even bare to look at you. You Bitch!” Renee launched at Brittney punching her in the face. Matt grabbed Renee as another girl ran into the room pulled Renee away from Brittney who was on the floor holding her face as it started to bleed. “Renee, are you ok? You haven’t spoken the whole way back to our dorm.” Renee looked at the floor trying not to cry. “Ash I hate him but I hate her more.” Ashley and Renee walked to their dormitory to go to bed. Renee lay in the darken room on her bed as Ashley slept. As Renee began to fall asleep she started to dream.

“Mommy! Daddy! Come back, please don’t leave me!” A child version of Renee screamed as she chased after her parents through the woods. When Renee caught up with her parents they were staked to a tree with spares coming out of them. In the dark a beast leaped from a tree and held her by her neck.  

Renee jumped from her bed in a sweat. “What was that about? Were those people really my parents…”

When Ashley awoke she saw Renee sitting by the window looking out to the distant. “What are you thinking about?” Ashley said as she made her bed. “My parents. I never knew them I’ve always been foster child. I just wonder who they were and why they gave me up,” Renee said. “I thought you said they died when you were a child” Ashley remarked while sitting next to Renee. “They did die the night after they gave me up for adoption when I was seven,” Renee stood up walking to the bed room door. “Wait Renee, are you ok, after last night and all. I mean Matt was an ass for cheating on you like that and all because of sex.” Ashley said with passion. Renee walked out the door without replying to Ashley’s remark. Renee went to the dormitory bathroom to see Brittney coming out of the shower. Brittney looked at Renee with fear and sadness in her eyes. “Just to let you know I never want to speak to you again. A Matter of fact don’t even look at me because if you do I’ll give you a matching eye to the black one you have now.”

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