Forbidden pt 1

The wind blew fiercely as the night called to the crescent moon’s light. Heavy breathing and screams were muted from within the dark woods. “Please don’t kill me” a young maiden screamed as she tripped to the moisten dirt. A beast stood before her with glowing blue eyes as if he was looking into her soul. As the beast looked at her tattered body covering in dirt and musk he grabbed her arm lifting her to the skies. “Humans deserve nothing but death and that is what I give to you the same torture I live with every day of my life.” The beast kissed the maiden, biting off her tongue and devouring her body. The monster bathe in the sweet virgin’s blood as if it was water from the Gods. When daylight broke through the night screams and tears we heard throughout the nearby village of the maiden. Blood covered the woods and the villagers’ houses. All that was left of the maiden was her head which sat on display on the village stage. The village swore vengeance on the murderous act from the beast. They searched the woods until they found a cave that echoed with despair and murder. Inside the cave the beast was dormant. The villagers captured the beast without any trouble bow and arrows. The beast still in a deep sleep was then tied to a stake and put on display in the village. A man yelled out that the beast would be killed once the moon shined in the sky. As soon as dusk the beast awoke in agony and screams. The villagers watched as the beast struggled to get free from its binding. “BURN THE BEAST” the villagers chanted and cheered. A man walked to the beast with a torch and lit the beast on fire. The beast screamed and cried as its fur began to burn and its skin began to melt away. A little girl hid behind door that was ajar watching the beast. The beast transformed breaking free from the fiery hell massacring hundreds of villagers leaving just one behind the little girl. The newly transformed beast walked into the fire he disappeared into the night. The girl sat by her dead parents and cried as she laid herself by their corpse like bodied and slept.

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