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San Francisco, California

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I'm a technical writer in the Finance IT field by day, and a writer and poet by night. With advanced degrees in Psychology and Statistics, I've been working in the IT industry since 1994, previously as a system developer, business systems analyst, and process reengineer.

I'm the author of four popular series on Channillo, two series on Wattpad, and am featured daily on Scriggler, Spillwords, Medium, Virily, and Vocal. In 2016, three of mr poems were published in the anthology Poets Across Borders, available at amazon.co.uk.​​

I have three titles on Amazon (+Kindle), Barnes and Noble (+Nook), iBooks and Kobo. My Channillo series, A Touch of Noir, was updated to include 6 additional new tales (not available in Channillo version)! I'm also a freelance writer on Blastingnews. My latest title, Mood Indigo, was released in September. I am penning a new series for Channillo to begin posting the Jan 14, 2018.

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My Blog: https://lmgiannone.com

Followers can interact with me on Twitter (@LISAGNO), Instagram (@lmgiannoneauthor), Facebook (@lmgiannoneauth) or through my author site. I'm also on Goodreads, Amazon Author, and AuthorsDB.

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I'm an active golfer in the NCGA, an avid New York Yankee (originally from the east coast) and San Francisco Giants baseball fan, and a Film Noir buff.


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