marionette girl


string me along,

tie me a noose

sing me a song

and cut yourself loose


american dreams

of white picket fences

surrounded by screens

to stimulate senses


bury the prophet

who rings on the bell;

clogging the profits

by talking of hell


the price of a soul is

getting more cheap

the glamor and gold

is a kiss on the cheek


paper and plastic and chemicals;

do you want something that's falling apart?

you'll believe the lie if you listen too much.

the world is a vacuum that sucks up your love.

don't let it consume you, stand and be strong

God is the answer, you knew all along.

question yourself if you think you are smart.

ask yourself why there's a beat in your heart.

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Nice, king of lizards!  Shit.

Nice, king of lizards! 

Shit. I'm staring into a screen. :|

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wow wow

Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....