oh, Mechanic


sometimes my own art makes me cringe

have you ever changed so much that you realized you haven't changed?

about a year ago i had this idea of who i was

or who i wanted to be

fresh off the devil's lettuce,

some self-proclaimed poet, prophet, wannabe


but how can it be?

one transcendent experience and i turn it around and complain i can't sin anymore

as if anything else matters

my heart is much like an old car;

every time i try to fix something, i notice two more things that need fixing

when i shouldn't have gone poking around to begin with

oh, Mechanic, please give me release

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"experience is the mother of illusion" - some guy

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hopelessly-candid's picture

You pretty much captured the

You pretty much captured the epitome of frustration.. in life, goals, self-identity

We seldom catch what we're searching for... because by the time we're close to finding it... we're already looking for something else

We could spend an eternity trying to fulfill ourselves and become whole