Stand Up


Stand up
For all of
The people
Whose voices
Seem to drown out
Stand up
For those
Whose voices
Do matter
But society
For one reason
Or another
Doesn't seem
To think so
Stand up
For those
Of hate
Who go unnoticed
Stand up
For any victim
They deserve it
Stand up
To those
Who spread
Nothing but hate
Stand up to those
Who let them
Do so
Stand up
For decency And other's
Well being
Stand up
If you don't
Then who will
Hell if nothing else
Stand up
Because in
This day and age
We shouldn't still
Be living this way
Stand up

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  some of us have  only to be


some of us have 

only to be ostracised cause we stood alone !
labeled rebels, non conformists the  scourge of society 
beaten down over time left with only the scars .
that make most look away knowing they would of never 
of paid that price for the attempt at Freedom

It's someone elses battle now old age has taken it's toll
for the road I chose 
Health has seen to it i now depend on the very system
I was fighting for the Meds it now takes to keep Me alive 


Every story-teller bends the myth to his own purpose. that's why a Hero has a thousand faces