Whatever Happened To Helping For The Sake Of Helping?

Take the time
Out of every day

To do at least

One thing nice

It really
Doesn't matter
What or why
Just do it
And tell me
It didn't
Feel good
If not amazing
To do something
Good for somebody

Without expecting
Anything from them back
The problem
With society
I mean honestly

Is that we
Do for others
And expect

Something back
I mean come on
Whatever happened
To doing good
For others
Just for the sake
Of helping others
That in my opinion
Is the attitude
We as a society
Are most lacking
Anyone agree?

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running_with_rabbits's picture

whatever indeed!

so many tiny human connections have been lost with the coming of modren tech, I am alwyas so happy when I see tech being used to point this out :)

I also agree so much, all things are given from choice, not obligation or indebting people, we love because we love, we help because we help, we share because we share, not to get back 

if the world just agve what they could when they could we'd all have our needs met :)

Much Love