Life Is About Perspective


The dreamer dreams
Of better days
To be seen
The believer believes
Those days
Are possible
But only
If we believe
In them
And work
For them
The seeker seeks
The truth
In a world of lies
The liar
Rides high
Until his lies
In the end
Cost him everything
The hater
Sees only hate
And knows
Only hate
For hate is
All they will
And the bully
So sly and smug
Reaps in the end
What he does sow
So what's the point?

Well I'll tell you
Life is all
About perspective
What you believe in
What you dream
What you seek
And what you do
If you believe in good
You will see good
Same goes for hate
You seek truth
You'll find it
And if you bully
One way or another
It will come back to you
So be careful how

You see and treat the world
For it one day
Just may
Come back to you

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