Happy Birthday Johnny Depp

Happy Birthday
To the actor
I can never
Seem  to
Get enough of
Happy Birthday
Johnny Depp
I hope that this one
Is the best yet
Your movies
Always seem
To bring
An undeniable
Smile to my face
Yes you always
Seem to
Make my day

I don't know
How you do
What you do
So well
But I hope you
Never stop
And the world
Is amazing
Because of you
So Happy Birthday

Johnny Depp
And as I said
I hope
This is
Your best yet

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I know I wrote this a day early. Was watching a movie of his and it just kind of happened.

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wow, he's one of my fav

wow, he's one of my fav actors tooo!! grt to see some1 here actually wrote a poem for his 50th b'day, albeit a day earlier :)