To Be Human

To be human
Is to make
To dream
The impossible dream
Fail and get back
Up again
To give up
Give in
And start again
That is what
It is to be human
But you know
What else
It should be
When it comes to
Being human
It should be
Hate and fear
It should be
A dream for peace
That couldn't be
Any more clear
It should mean
Standing up
And being there
For each other
Not this bullshit
Fuck the hate
And the conformity
Be your own self
Your own way
And never
Be afraid
To voice
What you
Have to say

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willow's picture


Hard hitting, to the point, good rhythm, just like rap! You are trying to get your messages out there and since time waits for no one, you incarnate the voice of change! Love your style girl :)