Whoever You Are (Look Down On No One)

You fit in
Just don't
Be a dick
About it
Accept others who
Don't fit
And learn from them
You don't fit in
Thats great too
Whatever it is
That makes
You unique
Embrace it
And own it
Be confindent
About it
Make your style
Your very own
You have a home
Thats great
But don't look
Down on those
Who don't
Just because
You think
They are lazy
You have a job
Lucky you
But again
Don't look down
On those who don't
You have no idea
How hard they would work
Just to have the slightest chance
To be where you are
Point is
One of the crowd
Or someone
Who marches
To the beat
Of their own drum

Someone who has a job
Or someone who would
Give anything for one
To just be had
Home owner
Or homeless
On the street
We shouldn't judge
Because in all honesty
At the end of the day
The truth behind
The person
And their situation
We just don't know

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Very thought-provoking. One

Very thought-provoking. One is neither superior nor inferior to the other in the grand scheme of things.