Embrace The Uniqueness In All Of Us

Imagine a world
That didn't fight

Each other
Just because
They hated each other
Just because they
Don't understand each other
Imagine a world
Full of people
Who actually
Took the time
To listen
And learn from
Those who are
And accepted them
Because they realize
They themselves
Are different
And for once
Are ok with it
A world
Where we embraced
Not only the uniqueness
In others
But in ourselves as well
Imagine a world
Where being the you
You were born to be
Was no longer deemed
Wrong or just not ok
Imagine the peace
That would bring

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Leo87's picture


i love this.. i read alot of your works on here.. and every bit of them are amazing and very inspiring.. i dont know who you are, but you are an amazing young person.. and we need more of you in this world... 

LittleLennonGurl's picture

Thank you!!

That means more than you could possibly know. Thank you!!

Leo87's picture


no thank you..