Free Thinking (Imagine The Change It Could Make)

Imagine that
Treating all men
And women
As equals
Instead of
Just saying it
Imagine that
Making things

Actually happen
Instead of
Just wishing

They would
And preaching
That they should
Imagine that
Doing what you
You know
You should do

Because you
Actually want to
Instead of just
Giving in
To the bullshit
That is fed to you
Imagine it
Can you
Imagine that
Society thinking
For once
For themselves
Instead of
Falling for
The bullshit
Around them
Being fed to them
Imagine that
A world in which
Our greatest
Are each other
We have finally
Begun to accept
And learn from
Each other
That world
Being real
Because it can be
But first the change
To make it happen
Must start in you and me

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Leo87's picture

i'll say it agian..

your truly amazing..