The Power Of The Imagination

Never under estimate
The power
Of the imagination
For it is one thing
That does exist
To inspire a nation
And every one
Around it
It can free
Socially trapped spirits
While at the same time
Inspiring others
Near it
Fear it
While peace seekers
Forever seek it
And covet it
For they know
Exactly why
It is sacred
It can move mountains
And if you use it right
Potentially bring
Peace to nations
But only if you
First learn
To use it

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bishu's picture

Lovely thoughts...........

Lovely thoughts........... Nice !! Keep writing 

I look forward to more professional outputs

The vampire was created,the superman was created

Through imagination.. so was Donald Duck,Popeye,Robin Hood,

Snow White..................... the list is infinite

Best of luck in ur future creations