The Stars And The Moon (Look At Us And Ask Why)

The stars
And the moon
Shining bright
In the sky
Look down at us
And ask why
Why do we
Waste our time
And fight
Over what we
Think is right
Whne in reality
We know not
At all what is right
Is it right
That we fight
Both day and night
Why can't we just
Love and show the light
The light of life
Is growing dim
So many of us
Lost in sin
Just unable
To accept
Those who are different
Far too many
In society
Are willing to see
That we are all different
You and me
Just the way
We were meant to be
And that makes me
Sad you see
Because in reality
We were not meant
To fight
Ot hate each other

But rather
Learn from each other
You and me

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