Life Is A Journey

Life is a journey
It has a beginning
It has an end
And in the middle
All we can hope
Is that sanity
Will hopefully
But as usual
It is not that simple
People dying on the streets
But the spoiled wealthy
Pretend they don't even see
Truth is they don't even care
They don't grasp how easily
Life for them
Could have been
Just as unfair
Everyone deserves a chance
But doesn't always believe
They are worthy of one
When they are given one
So the next time
You see someone
Hungry on the street
Don't just turn
A blind eye
Because they didn't
Ask to be them
And in another lifetime
You could have been them
So stand up
And give them a voice
Because they may not
Have a choice
Of being born
Who they are
But You do have
A choice in what you
Are going to do about it
Choice is yours
Think about it

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cevance's picture

Very nice and powerful. I

Very nice and powerful. I enjoyed this very much.