What Makes Us Different (Makes Us The Same)

Never let go of your dreams
Hold onto and fight
For them passionately
And instead of let our differences
Divide us
Learn from those differences
And let our passions
Unite us
Instead of continuing
To let our petty hate
Do nothing but blind us
We must realize
Before our hate
Does make s us fall
That beneath it all
We are the same
Same needs
Much of the same dreams
We need to finally
Learn to see
People for who
They really are
And realize
That what makes us different
Yes what makes us unique
Just makes us the same
We are all different
In our own unique way
And if you ask me
I wouldn't have it
Any other way

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Nice poem. Its really good

Nice poem. Its really good and inspirational. It would mean a lot if you checked out one of my poems!!

A heart is like a puzzle. It's hard to put together when the pieces are broken and missing.
RedAsBlood :)