Why Do We Think (Its Okay To Hate)

Why do people believe
It is okay
To believe
In such hateful things
As racism
And bigotry
On these crutches
Why must we lean
Why can't we just finally see
These fucking
And vile things
For what what they are
And finally realize
How very far
Society had has fallen
With every homicide
And suicide
And yet to these truths
We remain oh so blind
But can you tell me why
Why preach tolerance
If this stance
Still only lands
On deaf ears
That only want to hear
What hate
Wants them to hear
Why? I will tell you why
Because the the blind
Leading the blind
Can only survive
For so long
And some day
Come what may
We will get sick
Of the same old song
And we will stand up
That day
For what is right
And we will free
Who we truly
Are inside

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