Stand Up To Hate (Your True Self Do Embrace)

Stand up to hate
And your own uniqueness
Do embrace
Be who you are
And forever own it
Never be afraid to show it
The whole concept of "normal"
Just makes me nauseous
What is this "normal"
And is it contagious
Because trust me
When I say I really
Don't want it
I am me
And am no longer afraid to show it
And this soul of mine
You best bet I am
Going to free it
I will open my mind
And let myself fly
And where ever I do land
You know for equality,
freedom, and peace
I will forever stand

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What if you don't know what kind of person you are?

LittleLennonGurl's picture

Fair question

Find out for yourself who you are. Don't let anyone tell you who you should be. Only you can decide that.