A Shout Out To My Fellow Rebels, Dreamers, And Believers

Here's a shout out
To those like me
Who dare to dream
And believe
Those who dare
To rebel against
A corrupt society
And passed what is
Dare to see
And fight for what can be
We are the ones
Who refuse to accept
The same old song
Who have had enough
Of societies lack of love
And who will not give up
Until the world is as one
A better world
We can become
If we open our minds
Instead of living blind
Learn to see
And always believe
In the peace
We seek
So my fellow rebels
Who dare to dream
And to believe
Never give in
To the insanity
All around thee
For the very peace
We do seek
Can one day be
If we remember
To always believe

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Delicious!if we all rise up

Delicious!if we all rise up and say no to injustice, corruption and all forms of subversive acts, this plane will be a save place to live in for all and sundry. good job.