The Truth Of Society

Why is it we would rather attack
Things we don't understand
Like other religions
Instead of learning about them
Then forming an educated opinion
I'm sorry but this insanity
Will never make sense to me
I know it is easier to fear what we don't understand
But there is a difference between fearing
And just straight up hating
And if you ask me
Tolerating and accepting
In our school enough
We are just not teaching
And we wonder why that message
Our youth is not receiving
So many hating
And in greed are fighting
No wonder we are too blind to see
That the peace
We claim to seek
Is all around thee
Inside you and in me
But to see that peace
You must look beyond the cover
And learn to read
For it is in our own individuality
That lies the very peace
We claim to seek

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understanding is all we can

understanding is all we can hope for tollerating and accepting is too white washing. I dont think anyone wants to give up what they believe, and it is not fair for them to do so, until they feel another belief fills their spiritual void better. this means that cultural practices that are not approved of by certain soscietal groups are just as entitled to feel that way. anyone wanting to change everyones beliefs even just to be more tollerant or accepting is still guilty of the same practice of those who bigot against others in the name of morals or religion. very difficult topic. there is no fair or right answer. there is only ones answer. if only it was that easy to turn on understanding as it were to turn on a light switch... I admire your efforts Keep fighting the good fight. Cheers SS.

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