I Will Hide No More

Feeling like I'm on
The outside looking in
Lost in a world of sin
Where do I begin
Never wanted to fit in
Just wanted to be heard
By a world that's absurd
Sick of excuses and finding
Reasons to hide
From the world outside
This life is mine
And mine alone
And is something I
Am finally ready to own
Spent most of my life alone
I am more than the person
Because of you I have shown
If you really knew me
Your mind would be blown
That is if you cared
Enough to see the real
Me that I shared
But about that I
Just cannot care
Because I am sick
Of living scared
So from now on my
Soul I will bare
And for those who still care
Thanks for being there
Those who don't
If you don't care
Than why should I
Because I am going to live my life
Instead of hiding scared

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